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The Difference.

We are NOT just another NFT collection

With new NFT collections popping up every week, it's difficult to understand if there's real value in any of them, or if this is all just a fad. While some collections do offer benefits, I would argue that most are here just to flip and make a quick buck.

That's why we are different. This is not a buy and flip NFT. It is a ticket that you are going to want to hold on to. We are offering a limited amount of people access into our exclusive cryptocurrency website, Fiat Is Fake, a one of a kind website designed to track all of your cryptocurrency investments across each of your wallets, showing real time asset valuations, distribution, profits/losses and more.

You will also get access to The NFT Profile - another one of our websites that generates you a unique link that will easily display all your NFTs wherever you want!

The ONLY way to use our websites is by owning one of our NFTs.

You don't want to fall 2 steps behind on this one.

Grab your Rhino, join our community and let's grow together in this emerging space.

If you own a Rhino, this website is 100% free for you to use. Fiat Is Fake, is your one stop shop to accurately track every single one of your cryptocurrency investments and transactions. It will show you your distributed allocation, how much you have invested, how much profit/loss you have in real time, how much each individual asset is worth, where you are storing it, and more. Don't worry, everything is secure and no other user can view your information (we also don't store any of your sensitive information, just quantities). Finally, there is a social feed where you can read the conversations between our team of expert investors to gain insight in what we think might be happening in the markets (not investment advice). However, we are not going to allow new users to post anything of their own at this moment - there will be a future NFT drop for this, with much fewer quantity, and only offered to those holding a Rhino.


Track all your assets and transactions, locations and amounts. However many cryptocurrency wallets you use, track them all in one place.


Updated profits/losses and percent change in real time. Know everything about your assets. Always.


Calculate potential compounding interest earnings on your crypto assets.


Engage with a community of like minded cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Anyone who wants to learn, invest and/or build in the world a digital assets, this was made for you. You're welcome.

If you own a Rhino, this website is also 100% free for you to use. The NFT Profile is an easy and quick way to display all of your NFTs in your social media bios. Just input your username, email and Ethereum wallet address and we will generate a unique link for you to use. Post that link in your social bios and whenever someone clicks it they will be directed to your custom page displaying your NFTs will prices as well as links to view and buy them on Opensea!

The Drop.

  • All Rhinos are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon Blockchain. We chose to use Polygon to ensure the least expensive transaction fees for our users. It should cost no more than a few cents to mint a Rowdy Rhino.
  • There are 10,000 unique Rhinos - each one is a ticket into our community, including free access to our websites (Fiat Is Fake and The NFT Profile) and early access to future drops and projects.
  • The first 500 Rhinos will be sent out to the initial community for free.
  • Then, anyone on the whitelist will be able to mint one Rhino for 100 MATIC. There are 1,000 spots on the whitelist.
  • After the whitelist sale is complete, the public sale will start. Each Rhino will cost 200 MATIC. There is no limit on the amount of Rhinos one person can mint.
  • When we mint all 10,000 Rhinos, we will randomly select 10 Rhino holders and reward each one with 5,000 MATIC. We will use Chainlink's random number generator to select random Rhinos.
  • When all minting is complete, 5% of proceeds from the initial sale will be donated to The Natural Selection Foundation, a US based 501c3 non-profit organization committed to making a positive impact on wildlife conservation in Africa.
  • * We reserve the right to burn some of the Rhino supply if they are not all minted in an effort to increase rarity as well as value.


How do I get on the Whitelist?


Simply join our Discord and enter your wallet address in our form. There are 1,000 spots on the Whitelist. First come first serve. Social links are in the footer of this page.

When is the Whitelist sale?


The Whitelist (presale) starts February 1, 2022.

When is the public sale?


The public sale begins on February 3, 2022 at 7 PM PST.

How much does it cost to mint a Rhino?


If you are on the Whitelist it will cost 100 MATIC for one Rhino. If you are participating in the public sale it will cost 200 MATIC for one Rhino.

What blockchain is being used?


We are using the Polygon Blockchain. Polygon is a layer two scaling solution built on top of Ethereum's Blockchain. We chose to use Polygon because it will allow anyone who wants to mint a Rhino to do so with paying as little as possible in transaction fees. It shouldn't cost more than a few cents to mint a Rhino on Polygon's Blockchain. You will need to use Polygon (MATIC) to pay minting fees.

How do I mint a Rhino?


To mint a Rhino, assuming they are not sold out, go to the top of this webpage and click the mint button. We recommend using Google Chrome and you will need the Metamask browser extension installed. The last thing you need is some Polygon (MATIC) in your Metamask wallet and you're all set to mint your Rhinos!

Why does my MATIC show up on the Ethereum Blockchain but not when I connect to the Polygon Blockchain?


If you sent MATIC to your Metamask wallet and it shows up when you are connected to the Ethereum Blockchain but not when you switch to the Polygon Blockchain, you need to bridge your MATIC to the Polygon Blockchain (it's very easy). Go to Polygon's website, click Polygon Bridge, connect your Metamask wallet to the Ethereum Blockchain, find your MATIC in the dropdown menu, enter the amount you want to bridge over to the Polygon Blockchain and click transfer. Good to go.

When can I use Fiat Is Fake and The NFT Profile?


You will immediately have access to both the Fiat Is Fake and The NFT Profile websites as soon as you mint at least one Rhino. However, if you sell all your Rhinos, you will lose access to both websites.

Why can't I see my Rowdy Rhino on Opensea?


If you cannot see your Rowdy Rhino NFT on Opensea right after minting don't worry! Opensea can be slow at times to cache the images and might show "Content Not Available Yet". There is no issue with your NFT or the access to your NFT's metadata. It could take a couple of days to be visible on Opensea, however you will still have complete access to our websites.

You should also try refreshing the Metadata on Opensea. If you go to your Opensea account and click on the Rowdy Rhino Image, there will be five buttons in the upper right corner. The first one is a button to refresh your metadata. Periodically check your NFT and click the refresh button. If this problem persists, please contact us and we will fix it.

Do I have to have a Rhino to use Fiat Is Fake and The NFT Profile?


Yes. The only way to access the Fiat Is Fake and The NFT Profile websites and join our community is by owning a Rhino.

Will there be future NFT drops?


Depending on how this first drop goes, and if the community believes our websites are beneficial. If Rowdy Rhinos goes well, there will   be more to come in the future and any holder of a Rhino will be guaranteed first access to anything we release.

What if I no longer want to use Fiat Is Fake and The NFT Profile?


If our websites are not for you, no problem. You are welcome to sell your Rhino(s) on Opensea and when you sell your Rhino all of your information will be deleted and your access will be revoked.

Why would I want a Rhino? Convince me.


If you are reading this then you must be interested in NFTs. If you are interested in NFTs then The NFT Profile is the first and best way to display and promote your NFT collection from your social media bios. And if you're into NFTs, there is a good chance you are invested in cryptocurrencies. And if you're like me, you have different cryptocurrencies in multiple locations to earn staking rewards, store offline and hold on exchanges for quick swaps. Fiat Is Fake was specifically designed because I wanted a better way to track my cryptocurrency investments. Now I know where everything is, how much is where, and how much I have made. It will most likely benefit you as well. So if you want to enter a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking to learn, grow and build the next big thing, then you probably want to join us. If not, no worries.

Still have questions? Email us at

The Duo.

"A jack of all trades but a master of none. Sometimes that's better than a master of one."


  • Creator
  • Blockchain developer
  • Website developer


  • Marketing head
  • Social presence

Just a couple of cryptocurrency enthusiasts having a good time. Want to come along for the journey?

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